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Non-Android Kodi

Many of adbLink's features are available for Kodi running on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android computers.

Kodi Backup
Restore Kodi
View Logs
Edit XML files
Splash Screen
Push Remote (xml)

The features above, by default, look for the Kodi data to be stored in standard locations, however you can edit those locations for your situation.

In order to access a local non-Android device, set up a record for the device, making sure you set the Device OS to a non-Android OS. The device record dialog will set the Kodi file path to the default for this OS:

e.g., "/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Kodi" for the Mac.

Use the device selection dropdown menu to select a non-Android local device. It does not show up in the "connected devices" listbox.

If you have questions or comments, please email adbLink produces a log file, adblink.log, with each run. Include it in your email or post if you're having problems.

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