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The "Backup" button backs up the contents of the .kodi/Kodi folder on the device. Please note that Kodi MUST have been run for the first time before using this function. Under Android, empty directories are not backed up. Android users running something other than Kodi such as the SPMC fork, will need to change the package name amd File Path in the Device Setup dialog to whatever package name and File Path your software uses.

Android: Choose your Kodi partition: /sdcard/ is the default partition for Android Kodi data. If you have moved data, adbLink displays all system-approved external partitions, select the external partition where the data resides.

Other OS Versions: adbLink will attempt to back up the default Kodi data location for your operating system. The default can be changed in the device preferences dialog.

Addons: adbLink is tested with official Kodi repository addons only. If you have issues backing up a non-repository addon, write with full details.

If you have questions or comments, please email adbLink produces a log file, adblink.log, with each run. Include it in your email or post if you're having problems.

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