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Scrcpy: Android Screen Viewer

Scrcpy provides display and control of Android devices connected via USB
or TCP/IP. It does not require any root access. Scrcpy works on Windows
GNU/Linux, and macOS.

It focuses on:
Lightness (native, displays only the device screen)
Performance (30~60fps)
Quality (1920x1080 or above)
Low latency (35~70ms)
Low startup time (~1 second to display the first image)

Installation Instructions:

Scrcpy is included with the Windows release of adbLink 4.5. No installation is required.

Scrcpy is available for macOS via Homebrew. First install Homebrew,
then install scrcpy using terminal command: brew install scrcpy

On Debian (testing and sid for now) and Ubuntu/Mint (20.04):
From the terminal issue the command: sudo apt install scrcpy

For previous Linux releases a snap package is available. From a terminal
issue the command: sudo snap install scrcpy

Connect to your Android device then press the ScrCpy button.
Within seconds the device screen will appear on your
computer, controllable by mouse or remote.