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Keyboard shortcuts

OS X: substitute Command (Apple) key for Ctrl

Clear IP button: Ctrl+Y
New record button: Ctrl+B
Edit record button: Ctrl+C
Delete record button: Ctrl+D
Connect button: Ctrl+E
Disconnect button: Ctrl+F

File Manager button: Ctrl+G
ADB Shell button: Ctrl+I
Backup button: Ctrl+J
Restore button: Ctrl+K

Install APK button: Ctrl+L
Uninstall APK button: Ctrl+M
Move Kodi Data button: Ctrl+N
Edit XML button: Ctrl+O

Refresh ADB button: Ctrl+P
Stop ADB button button: Ctrl+Z
Push remote button: Ctrl+R
Edit Kodi cache button: Ctrl+S

Open console button: Ctrl+T
Keypad button: Ctrl+U
Push splashscreen button: Ctrl+V
Screen capture button: Ctrl+W

If you have questions or comments, please email adbLink produces a log file, adblink.log, with each run. Include it in your email or post if you're having problems.

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