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File Manager

adbLink's file manager is a dual-pane style dialog reminisent of Norton Commander or Midnight Commander. As the name suggests, a dual-pane manager allows the user to open up two separate folders simultaneously and copy/move files and folders from one location into the next. Rename,delete, mkdir, edit and other operations are also supported.

The file manager is "root-aware"; if your device is rooted you can use the FM to do file operations on any partiton you can make read-write.

If your device is rooted and file manager displays blank panels when launched, your system's "su" utility does not accept parameters passed via the shell, something that adbLink requires.

You can solve this by installing SuperSU by chainfire, available in the Google Play store, and letting it replace the su installed on your system.

If installing SuperSU isn't possible, you can turn off root functionality by checking the "Disable root" checkbox in the device record. This will allow File Manager to operate normally on user data areas such as /sdcard.

Known limitations

File manager can't edit/copy/rename/delete/browse directories/files whose names contain embedded quotes.

Additionally, for rooted devices, edit/copy/move/rename/delete are not allowed for files/directories with embedded spaces in names.

If you have directories or files that meet the criteria above, you will have to manipulate them manually using the ADB shell and command-line.

If you have questions or comments, please email adbLink produces a log file, adblink.log, with each run. Include it in your email or post if you're having problems.

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