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Authorizing Android Devices

These instructions have been tested with the Nvidia Shield TV and the Xaiomi Mi Box MDZ-16-AB

Open your Device Settings:

1. Go to About
Unhide the Developer Options by pressing Build 7 times.

2. Go to Developer Options
Under Debugging, turn on USB Debugging. (If you see Network debugging, turn that on too.)

3. Go to Personal
Select Security & restrictions. Turn Unknown sources on.

4. Connect to your device using adbLink. You may need to connect via USB if network debugging
isn't turned on for your device ROM. On your Android device, look for a pop-up dialog
similar to the one below:

5. Confirm the connection and check "Always Allow..."

6. If the authorization dialog does not appear, try deleting/renaming the .android/adbkey and
.android/ files in your $HOME directory. This should force your device to reauthorize.

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