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adbLink is a companion program for all devices running Android Kodi.


  • Install Programs without Android SDK
  • ADB/Fastboot enabled command-line
  • Busybox for root and non-root
  • Extensive Hyperlinked Help
  • Built-in WIFI/USB remote
  • Move Kodi data to external drives
  • Manage devices via USB or IP address
  • Manage multiple Android devices at once
  • Custom Cache Support for Kodi Video
  • adbLink database supports unlimited devices
  • Extensive logging routines
  • Built-in Log File Viewer
  • Checks online for program updates
  • Install/Uninstall Apps
  • Backup/Restore Kodi data
  • File Management features


adbLink 2.05 for Windows   Mirror

adbLink 2.05 for OS X 10.7 or greater   Mirror

adbLink 2.05 for x86_64 Linux   Mirror

Installation instructions

Uninstall prior versions. Double-click the downloaded .exe setup file.

adbLink for OS X is delivered in a dmg container, a standard for OS X. Double-click the downloaded file (at this writing adbll204.dmg) and a folder will open showing and a link to your Applications folder. DO NOT run adbLink yet, drag to the Applications folder and drop it. Close and unmount the dmg file. Open your Applications folder and double-click adbLink to run it. If you get errors creating the log, drag from your Applications folder to your Desktop and try running it from there.

Double-click to open the downloaded adbLink zip file (at this writing, Inside you will see a folder named adbLink. DO NOT open this folder yet. Drag the adbLink folder to your Desktop, or any other area where you have r/w privileges. Once the adbLink folder is moved, double-click it to open, then double-click the adbLink binary within to start adbLink. The "adbfiles" folder must remain in the adbLink folder or the application will fail.

Upgrading from earlier versions
All: If you are upgrading from adbLink 1.30 or greater you may copy the adblink.db database file from your old release to the new release. This will allow you to upgrade without having to re-enter your data.

Mac Users: If you right-click on you can browse the contents of the bundle and drill down to the adbfiles utility folder. Your adblink.db database is within. Copy and paste it into the updated copy of adbLink to preserve your database.


Otherwise, do not mix content from earlier releases with the new release. This includes all files,scripts, etc. If you do, you will break things.

Help Pages

adbLink Video Help

adbLink Connection Help

USB and adbLink

If you have questions, suggestions or comments, please email jocala(at) or post at:


Media Center Software

adbLink is tested with the media center software below:




adbLink is released under the GPL V3. Source is available at github

Download/Install at your own risk. No guarantees or warranties given or implied.

Please don't redistribute adbLink. Post a link instead.

Donations are gratefully accepted!